Project List

Project List

Personalized Medicine — Nathaniel Dang

Deletions Project — Tom Carpel project link

Relatedness Estimator Project — David Chien project link

MultiStageTesting — Blake Haas []

Genotype Calling Project — Eun Yong Kang project link

Winner's Curse Project — Michael Karsh []

Multi-Stage, Multi-Locus Design — Brian Hackel

Multiple Phenotypes — Christoph Rau project link

Imputation — Steven Snyder

Inversions Project — Phillip Tao

Disease Models — Nicolas Widman

Ancestry Mapping + Phased HapMap Data —Chris Jones

Personalized Medicine — Kenneth Cromack project link

Genlib Interface — Ken Arthur

SNP Function — Corey Harada project link

Spectrum of Disease Variation — Jason Stein

Natural Selection in Modern Humans — Genevieve Kendall

Haplotype-Assembly — Brian Allen

MultiStage Design — Emrah Kostem project link

Cancer Genomics — Olivera Grujic

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